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PT.Jasatama Galvanis Industry

Jasa Galvanis

Quantity Order: Add to Basket
Specification:1. Besi Siku
2. Ladder, CableTrack
3. Besi Bulat, WF, H Beam
4. Steiger, BRC, Plat
5. Pipa air, Lampu PJU

Size : to fit our kettle size of 7, 5 X 1, 5 X 2, 5 meters
Processing Time : 3 - 4 Working Days
Invoicing : Prompt per truck after galvanizing
Payment : COD
Transportation : Excluded
; - Stripping of already galvanized materials for regalvanizing purposed
will be charges wtih an additional 50 % of a.m corresponding Prices
- Due to high humidity during rainy season so called wet storage stain
( Zinc hydroxide ) may develop on materials surface. This is natural
phenomenon and no reason for complaint / rejection as started such
as EN ISO 1461 and others.

Condition : - Price calculated based on the white weight of the materials as per JGIí s Scale
- Materials & Surface has to be suitable for Hot Dip Galvanizing and free from any Lacquers, grease, oil etc as otherwise addtional cost will be charge.

: - Loading + Unloading of truck / standard packing
- Chemcal pretreatment + Hot Dip Galvanizing
- Finishing + Certification
- Environment friendly process
- Commisioning by customerí s staff at our workshop if required

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Name:Mr. Kemas Agung [Marketing]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: kms_agung@yahoo.co.id Y!: kms_agung@yahoo.co.id
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Mr. Kemas Agung at Cikarang Bekasi
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. Kemas Agung at Cikarang Bekasi
Fax Number:Fax number of Mr. Kemas Agung at Cikarang Bekasi
Address:Jl. Industri Selatan VIII Blok EE 7 H Jababeka II
Cikarang Bekasi 17354, Jawa Barat

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